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What Revival Behavior Coaching Is All About

Breaking Comfort

The Tribe is built on the basis of Growth. 

With that said, we know it can be intimidating to change. You do what you do because it's comfortable. However, if you want to  change any aspect of your life it will get uncomfortable. Just as you do in the gym, you get uncomfortable on that last rep of the last set. Pushing harder and harder. But you know you're better for it. You feel better, you look better. It's the same process in eliminating poor habits. So it doesn't matter what habit you have. Revival is here to see you Grow.

Change Without Judgement

We've all had a Day One.

No matter where you're coming from. Revival is here to help. Whatever the habit. It could be you going out every weekend, breaking your diet. Maybe you workout and diet well but still smoke or do something else detrimental to your health. You may always skip cardio, or leg day. You might just be in a habit of skipping your last meal. Whatever it may be, Revival is here to help without judgement.

You'll find eliminating that one or two old habits will completely revolutionize your life.

How It Works

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Where Are You Now?

Whether you want to quit smoking, stop going out for lunch every day, or skipping meals. We first need to know where you're at. As well as how ready you are for change. From there we can assess you're readiness and create the first steps in replacing a poor habit with a beneficial one.

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Why This Habit Exists

To fix something, you must first understand it. When it began, why it began, and how it continues to effect you daily. We'll work together to find your triggers, the reason it consists, and how we can work to replace it with a more positive action. 

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Continuing for Better

Once we create your plan for betterment. It comes down to your execution and commitment. But you'll never be alone in this. Revival is with you each step of the way to help you grow and grow. To find your best self. To Revive.

We're Here To Help

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