Maddie is a wellness and nutrition professional. She believes that health and wellness are about balance and adaptability rather than “diets” and “exercise.” As a child, she struggled with Cibophobia, a unique phobia of food which complicated her relationship with food at an early and tender age. In college, she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, a thyroid disorder that causes extreme fatigue, depression, and weight gain. On top of struggling with these side effects, she also struggled with her own body image. She found refuge in exercise and started to push herself into extreme diets and exercise which proved to not be sustainable and shot her into a deeper depression after realizing she had lost 30 lbs and weighed just 90 lbs. Against all odds, Maddie overcame her Cibophobia, finished college, and moved on to receive her M.Ed in Physical Activity and Health. Additionally, she overcame her body image issues and became an NPC Bikini Competitor. 

Maddie shares that the most powerful moment was when she gave her self permission to be selfish and accept her self, her body, and her life as it is. The purpose of her work is to stop focusing on diet and exercise and return back to the basics of nourishment, movement, and community to create a fulfilling, happy, and easy healthy life. Her goal is to educate clients on how they can enhancing their lifestyle and make choices that lead to sustainable health, nutrition, and wellness.


  • B.A in Communication
  • Minor in American Sign language
  • M.Ed. Physical Activity and Health
  • NPC bikini competitor     
"This is your time, give yourself permission to be selfish." 

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