Tribe (Noun); A community of like-minded individuals connected by one or more commonalities. I.E. GREATNESS  


Founded in 2015 by Lucienne Olson, Revival Training has always been different from traditional personal training companies. It wasn't just to watch you workout, fix your form, and collect your dollars. But to build you up as a person, to construct a community of people committed to Growth. Soon after Lucienne started Revival, her cousin Hunter Olson joined the team at the beginning of 2018. The two combined their visions for more in Life to propel the Tribe forward. These two both coming from different backgrounds, failures, expertise, and life lessons. However they do share one of the most important aspects, Growth. They continue to work daily on learning and bettering themselves to guide you to your own Growth. Whatever that may be for you. Whether it's to lost 40 lbs, compete in a bodybuilding competition, complete your first 5K, be confident in a swimsuit, put on 30 lbs of muscle, win a weight loss challenge at work, or simply learning to be comfortable in your own skin. At Revival we're here for You.

It doesn't matter where you're coming from,

what matters is you're here.

It's time to Revive Your Life.

It's time to Revive Your Light.


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