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The mission of Revival Mentoring Program is to empower trauma-impacted youth in our community to make positive life choices, maximizing their personal potential by fostering holistic growth in mind, body, and spirit.


Our organization focuses on the personal development of the youth that will impact our future. We envision a community in which every youth experience promotes positive change. This change is stimulated by one on one relationships with positive mentors in the community, which in turn allows each of them to develop into their full potential, capable of making informed, responsible decisions as involved members of our community.


Revival Mentoring Program was born from our founder's personal journey through the juvenile justice system. She experienced firsthand the profound impact of lacking positive mentorship during challenging times. This inspired her to create an organization that provides the guidance and support she didn't have, helping at-risk youth unlock their full potential.

The stark reality is that when a youth faces arrest, they experience brain trauma similar to soldiers in battle. Our mentors work diligently to improve both short-term and long-term outcomes for these youth. We focus on building connections to prosocial peers and activities, developing internal and external assets, and promoting character through leadership, ownership, and accountability. We help mentees realize they aren't stuck, offering a network of support and fostering self-esteem and leadership skills to open new possibilities for their futures.


Our goal is to prevent reoffending, break negative cycles, and foster healthy relationships. We guide our mentees towards goal-oriented lives, aiming for them to complete high school and achieve sustainable success.

Fists in Solidarity

We Believe.

We believe every youth has the potential to achieve greatness when provided with the right support and opportunities.


We believe holistic development of mind, body, and spirit is essential for nurturing well-rounded, resilient young people..


We believe in the power of positive mentorship to inspire lasting change and guide youth towards making positive life choices.


We believe in the importance of integrity and transparency in building trust and fostering meaningful relationships.

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