Join the Tribe from anywhere and on your schedule with the Revival Training App

Revival is like no other personal training company around. To hammer that home we created the Revival training app. So no matter where you live, your schedule, or budget. You can be apart of a family, the Tribe. With it, you'll get custom month-to-month programs unique to you and your goals, 24/7 access to all Revival coaches and the Tribe, video tutorials for each exercise, check-ins,

"form check" help, and most importantly, confidence knowing you're working in the right direction towards your goals.

*Options are available to add in-person training sessions along with online training. Please contact for quotes on online+in person.


Know exactly how many sets and reps you need to fulfill to reach your goals

Gain confidence in training with video tutorials and detailed descriptions

Track every progress picture, meal, and result to watch yourself GROW


Rice P. ND

I love all the workouts in my app! It's so easy to use. I've been seeing lots of results from it.

Nicole B. AZ

Saw someone I hadn't seen in years and they said "Wow you look amazing! Have you been working out?" Thank you guys for your support and the amazing programs

Dominic P. MN

I've had personal trainers before but this is app is amazing! I still get all the knowledge from the coaches. While being able to workout on my own time and in my budget.

Q & A


What can I expect on a day-to-day?

Every month we'll upload a new series of workouts for you to complete and what days to do them on. You'll be expected to train 4-5 days a week with 2-3 days of active recovery.

What if I don't have access to a gym?

Programs and outlines can be created for use in a full gym, at home, or on the go while traveling!

How can I access my programs?

All programs within the REVIVAL TRAINING LLC. app accessible through desktop or smart phone.


How often do we "check-in"?

We will maintain weekly check ins via the app or email, but your contact with us is never limited!


What else can I do in my app?

Update your weekly check-in metrics and pictures, view
meal plans, record exercises for us to check your form, and record results from your workouts. 

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