Creating Your Balanced Body

Now that you have a bit of an idea on how to pick the things you deem useful to you. It’s time to talk about what happens when your body element becomes under-balanced or over-balanced.


Honestly, most of us have at one point or another been under-balanced in our body. Especially in today’s world, it’s easier than ever to get wrapped up in this fast-paced world we live in, where being too busy for the basics is sometimes ignorantly worn as a badge of honor. Plus how easy is it to hit “Play Next” on Netflix rather than go to the gym? When you find your healthy body balance level. It’s crucial to be accountable to that level. Reports are growing with the finding that inflammation is one of the biggest indicators your body needs attention. Inflammation can come from a variety of things, stress, lack of movement, poor diet, lack of sleep, low water intake, the list goes on. But it’s something you can easily fight back against, with consistency. Staying hydrated, sticking to your sleep schedule, moving your body everyday. Just a few of the many different things you can easily incorporate into your daily life.


So what would an over-balanced body element look like? For starters, over-consumption. We’re not talking directly about food. But elements we all view as very beneficial actions that are taken too many steps to the extreme. Working out for starters can be taken advantage of without noticing at first. Your body needs time to rest, recover from the intentional stress you put on it in the gym. Another sign is one that comes from the soul element, low social contact. When you don’t go out in public as often whether to hangout with friends or visit family. It will start to hinder those great relationships you’ve spent so much time developing. Now there is another side to this. If you're training for a bodybuilding contest or other intense physical event, sacrifice is necessary to win, not isolation. It then comes down to you and what you set your maximums and minimums at in every element.

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