How Important Is It To Have A Balanced Mind?

(1 minute read)

While all 3 elements of the health triangle are equally important. It’s important to recognize each element is important for its own unique purpose. Your mind can be viewed as a supervisor. Watching what your body, and soul are working on. As well as itself. Giving the feedback to you (the CEO of the company).


If your body begins to lack, your mind will see that and try to formulate how to get it back on track. However, if your mind starts to slow its pace, it can start to hinder the other elements. You could be doing great with nutrition and exercise, your body reports to the mind that everything is amazing! Your mind then reports to you that your body is doing just “ok”. This could lead to digging deeper into your body’s balance, taking even more energy away from the root, your mind.


Work to keep all elements within their limits of course. But be aware, sometimes you could be treating the symptoms, not the cause. It never hurts to consistently analyze each area of your life.

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