How To Create Action In Your Body

From our discussion last week, moving from the conscious to unconscious in your mind. We of course need to cover what the intricate workings of developing your body’s balance would look like. So below we’re listed again a handful of the most common things we see people working to grow in.

-Though: I want to not have so many aches and pains, Activity: I want to learn how to stretch or do yoga, Action: I will start my mornings with a stretch routine, or go to yoga class

- Though: I want to not feel so tired, Activity: I want to eat foods that will give me quality nutrients, Action: I will limit snacks in my house, as well as prep all my meals on Sunday night for the week ahead.

- Thought: I want to feel strong in my bikini this summer, Activity: I want to lose weight, Action: I will lift weights and follow a workout plan 5 days a week.

- Thought: I want to feel more confident, Activity: I want to change my appearance, Action: I will get a haircut, maybe a new outfit.

- Thought: I want to run a marathon , Activity: I want to begin training for running, Action: I will sign up to commit. I will hire a coach and run 6 times a week.

There are a million different thoughts, activities, and actions you can take to develop your body. It’s the ones you have interest in, find useful for you that matter!


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