How To Create Action In Your Soul

The soul tends to be one most people have great experience with, they might just not know it. A major sign of growth appears when you’re making a conscious effort towards it. Below we’ve created a small list of how thoughts can transpire into growth opportunities for your soul

-Though: I want to earn more money, Activity: I want to reinvest part of my paycheck, Action: I will start that side business, or talk to a financial adviser about my options.

- Though: I want my house to be a home, Activity: I want to create a positive environment , Action: I will learn about feng shui, and incorporate my lifestyle into my home.

- Thought: I want to feel satisfied and purposeful at work, Activity: I want to analyze the work I am doing, Action: I will review my work and myself to find how the two connect.

- Thought: I want to see my friends more, Activity: I will schedule time to be present with my friends, Action: I will hangout with my friends, not think about work, and do things we all enjoy.

- Thought: I want more time to ingest only positive things , Activity: I want to design my social media and TV viewing to positive things, Action: I will be conscious when scrolling through Instagram, unfollowing accounts that add no benefit to me, and watch more beneficial TV.


These are only the beginning steps you can take to curate a healthy growing soul. Analyzing the people and things around you that are inputting into your life.


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