How To Create Your Potential?

When you first determine a trait you want to embody (I want to manage stress at a high level), start to break it down into activity(s) you can implement (I’m going to meditate). From here, break it down one step further into the daily action(s) you must take to solidify the embodiment of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish (I’m going to take 15 minutes everyday to meditate). This itself is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create a well balanced wellness life... But we’re going to take it one step further.


The steps you take in this process will set you on the tracks to start curating the life of balance and wellness you strive for. You can use it in all areas of life and wellness. It does however take one extra step to complete the process. To make these daily actions turn into unconscious behaviors. Let’s say from the example you wanted to manage stress well, so you decide to start meditating, you want to start with 15 minutes everyday. In the beginning you’ll need to be conscious (Ok, I‘m going to meditate today). This gets the ball rolling. A couple weeks go by, you notice when you start to get overly stressed something in your mind goes off (Ok, I need to take 15 minutes for myself). As the weeks go by, you find yourself taking that 15 minutes everyday without question. It’s who you are. It’s a part of you now. This is the process of taking something from a conscious thought, to a subconscious idea, to an unconscious behavior.


This is not at all to imply you perform these actions unconsciously! Being present in everything you do is crucial. It’s getting that behavior to an unconscious level that tells you, “Hey do X”. Whatever X may be, that’s for you to decide. Know that to fully reach the unconscious level takes work - daily, continuous, work.

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