Is Your Mind At Balance? And How You Can Fix An Under Or Overbalanced Mind

(6 minute read)

So what does it look like to have an under-balance or over-balance with your mind compared to the other two elements? Well we can’t tell you EXACTLY how it looks, because you’re different than us, we’re different from you. And your idea of a healthy balance with your mind with the body and soul is unique to you and where you are in life at this very moment. We can however give you an outline or red flags that tend to appear when people become out of balance in their mind, no matter where they view their healthy balance to be.


To start, we’ll discuss what can appear when your mind is under-balanced. Your mind is a delicate element, oftentimes translating its level of balance onto the other two elements, if not kept in check. One major red flag that your mind is under-balance is constant negative thoughts. Say you’re training for a marathon, one day you need to run 5 miles. That’s nothing! You get those done before the sun rises. But today all you can think before, during, and after your run is how much it sucks, how you aren’t having any fun, why you’re being so negative with yourself. Then it dawns on you. You’ve only slept 5 hours every night this past week! You may feel grumpy or lash out at people. There may be this dense fog in your head that slows your normal day-to-day pace. Even when the thought “I just don’t feel like myself” can be a sign your mind is lacking behind.


Now to shift focus on what may appear when your mind is taking too much priority from the body and soul. This doesn’t happen often since the mind is a place many people tend to lack in due to not being seen as a priority until it’s at a dangerously low level, but it does happen. A very common sign can be anxiety. Not the general anxiety anyone can have at a random time. We’re talking about consistent anxiety, worries of the past, present, and future, on a daily basis. This stems from an overactive mind. You spend so much time thinking about what you did, what you’re doing, or what you’ll do, you forget to do the necessary things with your body and soul. Another major red flag can be conjuring thoughts that hold no truth. Say you need to make a decision, you think about all logical options, reach a conclusion, then you don’t act on it, so you continue to dive deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Till suddenly that awesome breakthrough you had is covered in dirt and you’re left with this giant tunnel you can’t remember how to get out of.


Remember, these are only some of the indicators that relate to an under or over-balanced mind. This is why constant reflection of where you’re at on your scale is so crucial. Life is ever-evolving and so is how you define balance.

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