The Importance Of Balance In Your Body

Last week we talked about how your mind is the CEO. It oversees the work being done from your body and soul. Today we’re going to break down the importance of keeping your body in balance.


The body you’re in right now is the only body you get in this lifetime. There’s no return policy, no exchanges. Now while you might be thinking about how much that sucks. Try and flip the narrative. Realize how amazing you are to have your body. You have two working hands? Great! Do you have two functioning legs? Awesome! Are you breathing without a machine? Even better! Now sure, you might not be as tall as you’d like or have that eye color you envy your friend for, but that’s what you must embrace! You can’t change it and you shouldn’t want to. That’s what makes you...YOU!


There is another part to this, while there are things about your body you can’t change. There are hundreds of things you can, if you deem it necessary. Things such as body weight, waist size, flexibility, cognition, foot arch, organ function, muscle imbalances, the list goes on! What we’re saying here is since the body you have right now is all you’ll ever have - treat it well, maintain it, build it up, enjoy it!

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