What You Can Do To Create Constant Growth

Yesterday we laid out the framework of the process you can use to take a thought you want to embody into an unconscious habit. Now the focus shifts to what “things” or actions can you take to actually start moving your mind needle to full.


Below is a (small) list of some of the most popular things we get asked about that relate to your mind that can help you start your thought process with the thought embodiment and an action connected to it. Ultimately, it comes down to you to determine what will be truly beneficial for you.

  • Thought: I want to manage my stress at a high level. Activity: I want to meditate. Action: I will meditate daily for 15 minutes.

  • Thought: I want more mental energy. Activity: I want to drink more water. Action: I will drink a gallon a day, and limit simple sugars and caffeine.

  • Thought: I want to learn how the brain works Activity: I want to read books on psychology. Action: I will read 10 pages a day.

  • Thought: I want to be more kind to myself. Activity: I will stop when I begin to be negative about myself to breathe. While still holding myself accountable. Action: I will listen to what I’m thinking on a daily basis (possibly carrying around a note, or wearing a necklace as a reminder), journaling each day about how I did.

  • Thought: I want to be more loving to people. Activity: I will forgive people I still hold anger towards. Action: I will close my eyes, see the person who hurt me, then release that emotion held to them, telling them I forgive them. Then journal to express any leftover baggage.


Again these are only a handful of things you could use to balance your mind. Play around with them. Ask yourself if the thought is something you find yourself thinking about often. It could be anything that pertains to your mind, mental health, mental energy, brain, etc!


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