Why The Soul Is The Hardest and Easiest To Change

Webster defines the soul as “the moral and emotional nature of human beings”. When we talk about your soul, we’re not referring to religion, although it can be included. Your soul has a much larger scope, such as; social, financial, environmental, and professional health. When you think of your soul, think of it as the people you hang around, the music you listen to, the content you ingest on social media, what you do for a living, what you do outside of that, how you handle your money, etc!


The soul is the hardest to change, but it’s also the most simple. What do we mean by that? Imagine your life is perfectly balanced, leaping towards your potential! As you’re making strides in your life. Your best friend hasn’t. They’ve been living the same for years and see no point in changing. So they make comments towards you, about how you’ve changed, you think you’re too good for them, etc. When all they do is go to the bar every weekend and blow their paycheck. You want to slowly push yourself away but would feel bad, after all you’ve been friends for so long. Inside you know the clear answer, so why is it so hard? You then ask yourself “Why are they being so mean?”, “Shouldn’t they be supporting me?”, “What if they’re right?”. It’s in these types of situations that the answer comes easily, the execution of the answer is where the challenge lies.


These decisions are the hardest because they involve emotions. After all it’s your best friend. You’ve been through so much together. This is where knowing your balance is key. You don’t have to cut them out completely, no. You do however need to limit the time they get with you. You can then use that time to go hangout with other friends, go do something only you enjoy.


See the answer to that question is simple. Leave or limit the time that friend gets with you. It’s clear you two are growing into separate spaces.


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