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Jenn is an ACE certified personal trainer and Layne Norton certified performance nutrition coach and strongman competitor.


As a trainer she enjoys getting to know her clients so she can help them reach their fitness goals the best way possible. She is known for pushing her clients, showing them they are stronger and more able than they ever thought. 


Jenn started her fitness journey 25 years ago, when she began to work out to lose pregnancy weight after her first son. During that journey she found that working out didn’t only help her physically, but also mentally, which made her even more obsessed with fitness. Her love and passion for working out brought her to get certified as a personal trainer and able to coach with Revival, helping all ages and experience levels.

"Everything happens for a reason." 


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 
  • Certified Layne Norton level 2 Performance Nutrition Coach 
  • Strongman Competitor (2022)
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