Hunter is a health and wellness professional certified in personal training, behavioral, and nutritional coaching. Hunter is also a Strongman competitor and a Reiki Master. He believes in approaching health and wellness from a holistic perspective to achieve sustainable health. After struggling for years with insomnia Hunter spent two years researching solutions and released a book called “Sleep Right, Live Right.” The book is a guide on how to gain energy and better sleep. Hunter stands out by his ability to connect with clients and embrace their individuality to better understand how to help them achieve their physical and mental goals in a way that works for them and their lifestyles. He works with clients at all levels of fitness and is constantly learning new ways to achieve overall health and wellness for his clients.
                            "I'm here for YOU." 


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 
  • IDEA Behavior Coach II
  • IDEA Nutrition Coach II
  • Reiki Level I
  • Reiki Level II
  • Reiki Master
"We are all Human. Meaning we aren't perfect. But there's a perfect version of our selves out there. It's our duty as humans to strive for that." - Hunter O
It doesn't matter how high or low you may be right now. What matters is that you want to try to be better.

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